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Minecraft + Metroid Prime = Minetroid!

Just when you think Minecraft couldn’t get any cooler, developers have recently released an adaptation of the popular Metroid Prime game as a mod for Minecraft, dubbed Minetroid at the Minecraft Forums. Check out the let’s play below!

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Minecraft to Hit 10 Million Copies Sold Today

As we have all seen Minecraft grow into the behemoth we love to play with today, Jens Bergensten finally anounced today (via twitter) that Minecraft will reach the monumental mark of 10 Million copies sold all around the world. Minecraft has humble beginnings, it truly embodies the traditional story of “rags to riches” fueled by tons of talent, hard work, and innovative products.

Congratulations to Mojnag! We’re all excited to be in this journey together.

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Dishonored Mod for Minecraft!

Download the Mod
Download the Map

We’ve seen some really awesome mods, but honestly, this Minecraft Mod is amazing. Youtube super dude, DaveChaos, has released a video detailing the Mod. The download includes a whole new set of items you can craft yourself, which include Corvo’s outfit, Corvo’s sword, a wheel-lock pistol, the Blink rune (with working teleport), whalebone charms, Sokolov’s Elixir and – everybody’s favorite – whale oil, which blows up when thrown.

As some people have said in the past, if there is a game, there is probably a Minecraft mod to match it. That’s why I love the Minecraft community!

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Minecraft – Kerplunk

Geoff and Gavin from Achievement Hunter bring along the rest of the lads for a game of Minecraft Kerplunk. It’s like the original kerplunk, but with way more people suffocating.

These guys always put out awesome Minecraft videos!

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Halloween Minecraft Costume Giveaway!


How quickly has this year gone by? With Halloween just around the corner, most of you will be looking for a costume that represents exactly what you love the most. For me, Minecraft definitely takes the first spot. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the guys over at, who were generous enough to hook with three Creeper Head Costumes.

If you’re wondering, I did keep one, they are that awesome!

How can You win?

Simply comment below explaining why you want to be a Creeper for Halloween.

I’ll be posting an in depth review of the awesome creeper head costumes, even have some awesome pictures of the heads being used in a wedding!

Minecraft on Xbox Live Considering Mods

Just a quick update, Xbox Live updated Minecraft to 1.8.2 adds creative mode, new food and new mobs. The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft is now closer to it’s PC counterpart, especially with talks of maybe adding a modding feature to the game in Xbox.

This isn’t something that will be coming with 1.8.2, but will be further down the line,” 4J Chief Technology Officer Paddy Burns tells Hookshot Inc. “The Xbox 360 won’t be able to have the mod system that gives such a variety of community additions to the game on PC, but we’re looking at the elements of these that people seem to be enjoying the most, and deciding how we could tailor those elements into something for Xbox.


Minecraft for Xbox might also take a completely different path than the PC version,

We’re going to be discussing with Mojang where we go after version 1.2.3,” Burns says. “Some ideas of taking the game in a different direction from PC having been raised already.

Hopefully something unique and fun comes out of owning both versions of the game!



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Minecraft Decoration Blocks?


Jeb Bergensten has revealed there will be an additional number of decorative blocks added to Minecraft soon, in his tweet, Jeb links to the image in this post. Showcasing the head of a creeper, which is about a third of a normal head. The block itself looks like stone, not sure if there might be other blocks available to play with.

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Minecraft for Xbox 360 Arcade (FREE?)

While browsing the “coming soon” section at my local GameStop, I realized the Xbox version of  Minecraft was being released this week. I’ll be giving away some of the copies to people who comment on this post, not sure if we’ll be able to do content on the blog for this version.

Here is the first video by RoosterTeeth on the many achievements the game has to offer, very exciting stuff!

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It’s been a ridiculously busy year for me, I’ll be catching up on Minecraft and all the updates soon! If you want to write or contribute to this blog please use the contact form!

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